Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Spare Spike-No More Slipping on the Ice

Remember those days when you slipped on the ice and hurt or broke something. This kid thinks he is showing off on the ice with his shoes on and didn't fall down on the ice. Well if this would have been me, you guys would be laughing until a few weeks ago. I now know how I am going to wear my fancy shoes outside during the winter months without falling down on the slippery ice and snow. You gotta see how this kid does it. Watch here or click here for the shoes he was wearing.

I can honestly tell you that now I have no mofear of walking out my front door in the winter with my shoes on. See, I don't wear winter boot, I wear dress clogs, moccasins and shoes with heels. The spare spike has been a back saver for me and some of my friends that also use them for running during the winter when snow and ice is all around.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make Money With Ehow and Read This book Before To Increase Earnings

Last week, I bought this eBook about how to increase your eHow earnings. If you are interested in making passive income, or learning how to write better articles for, you will want to get this book right now.

The book contains specific information about how to submit your articles to eHow for maximum traffic, exposure, and the maximum earnings. You may be thinking, "Is this really worth $20?" But she includes examples of her eHow earnings page and you can look at her articles for the proof.

Many new eHow writers go wrong just slapping up any old article without knowing all the details about how the site works, how we are paid, and what we should be writing.

This author has done the homework for everyone, has made mistakes that she shares, and the information is presented in an easy to read and understand format. I was very impressed.

Don't waste any more time writing articles that won't be read - that you won't be paid for. This author has just made cents short of $900 this past month of September. I will be tweeting my articles to increase my earnings now that I have her book. Get your book here and start making passive income every month.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Increase Traffic To Your Own Blog By Blogging For Today

I have been blogging with for three months now and it not only pays me to blog about what I want to, it also allows me to link to my other blogs where the traffic as increased. The Today network has become so large that the traffic to my personal blogs such as this one is finally atarting to paying off. It is about time.

Check it our and see what you can do when you spend fifteen minutes a day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Making A Diaper Cake The Easy Way

If you are planning a baby shower or know someone who is, you will find this video instruction very helpful. I found this video and decided this was what I wanted to do for my daughter-in-law. To my amazement and every one else, I make a beautiful diaper cake.

I received so many compliments and decided that if I could do this, then anyone can. My specialty in the kitchen is zero, but I could make this cake. However, I managed to make a diaper cake because the video was very helpful and full of tips. I especially liked the close shots and the detail that is explained.

I have seen many pictures on the Internet about how to make the diaper cake, but never any videos. This diaper cake video does work and anyone can do it with the help of the video.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Reviewing Products

Not new to the Internet is product reviews. However, isn't it nice to receive down to earth product reviews from someone that actually has the product to use and review honestly.

This site will be reviewing products received by companies for use and review. It might be from the smallest product you could imagine to the largest product you could imagine. I will be receiving and reviewing products that everyone wants to know about before buying.

My reviews will be honest and done after a month of using to see how the product relly holds up to the first inspection and use.

Posts will start soon, so bookmark this site for further reference.